Don’t throw out your second rate photos!

I don’t mean that the content is second rate.  All those old family photos are precious no matter what condition they’re in, but they might be small, poor resolution copies that are difficult to display. I’m experimenting with some fun, digital techniques to bring tiny old photos back to life.  

The original  black and white photo from the 60’s of my granddad was tiny. Low resolution, etc.  I started off with the iPad app Infinite Painter and added a layer of skin colour, set to Multiply blend mode.  From there I did some basic paint marks with the Mixer brush.  Then I moved to Corel Painter 2020 and laid on the ‘paint’.   I’m a novice at this technique and taking my first baby steps from Dmitry Marin’s Corel Painter Thick Paint course.  Then it was back and forth between painter and Photoshop, tweaking and adjusting, painting and blending.  I used ON1 Resizer to enlarge it to a display size without losing resolution, printed it out and now from a tiny black and white photo I have an eye-catching A3 portrait.  

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