Abandoned projects

Sometime in 2019 I embarked on a sewing project.  I’d bought a top that I really liked and wondered if I could copy it.  My sewing skills are, well let’s just say I know my limitations and I carefully choose what I know I can comfortably achieve.  So this was ambitious for me.  I found pretty fabric at Hinckley market and bought a pack of pattern paper from Amazon.  I didn’t want to take my favourite garment apart so I set about carefully measuring each part of the top and transferring the dimensions to the pattern paper, drawing curves with a French curve and after a few hours I had my pattern.  Then I left it.  I think it was fear of cutting the material and getting it wrong.  Yes, I’ll do that another day.  

Then along came COVID-19, self-isolation and then lockdown.  Suddenly everything readjusted in importance – hell, I was cutting my own hair.   So I pulled out the sewing. 

I’m used to following a pattern when I sew so it was strange to have no instructions but I took it step by step, the most difficult part first.  The small curved opening at the neckline with the rouleaux loop ties looked tricky but I kept comparing it to the techniques used on my purchased top and it wasn’t as bad as I thought.  Once I’d got that tricky piece out of the way the rest was relatively plain sailing. 

Behold the finished article!  This is going to be my ‘first trip out after COVID outfit’ – I hope it’s not going to sit on that dummy for years.

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