Surreal portraits

Surreal portraits

Before and after

I tend to see a lot of ads on Facebook and Instagram for art courses.  I rarely click on them because I’m subscribed to so many groups and courses I’m in danger of becoming overloaded.  However, this one jumped out at me.  If you know me you’ll know that I use Photoshop a lot and I’ve completed many Photoshop Artistry courses but I’d never seen anything quite like this.  Instruction on how to manipulate a human form to produce a surreal portrait.  I loved the unusual look of these portraits and you can see (above) the result before and after Kelly Robitaille’s amazing tutorial using a reference image supplied.  The image at the top of the page, King Pelicania is another example using Kelly’s techniques.

I was keen to do more but where do I get the models?  I don’t have the setup to shoot my own and I felt a little uncomfortable manipulating stock images in such an extreme way.  Then I wondered if I could use this technique with models I create myself in the 3D modelling program, Daz3D…and that’s another story.

Click here for more information about the: Surreal portrait retouching course

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