Procreate – Grunge and Turpentine

Procreate – Grunge and Turpentine

I’ve owned an iPad Pro and an Apple pencil since they were released in November 2015 and this year I got an update to the latest version.  I bought it primarily for art.  I had seen several artists using it on YouTube and was impressed by the ability to use ‘traditional’ art techniques on a screen.  Every now and again I tried to draw on it but wasn’t feeling it.  For a start it took me hours to complete work that I didn’t enjoy when it was finished.  I’d got it all wrong and the ability to delete led me down a path of overworking and ending up with strange and muddy pictures. 

This year I set myself the challenge of learning how to use the iPad for art.  My aim was to feel comfortable that I could pick up the iPad and create a spontaneous drawing in the same way that I did with my sketchbook and pen. 

I’m not there yet but definitely feeling more relaxed and open to playing and experimenting, thanks to online courses and YouTube videos. 

Procreate is my app of choice for digital art on the iPad, I’ve tried a LOT of drawing apps and this is head and shoulders above the rest.  Don’t get me started on Adobe’s Fresco!

Today’s share is a video from Steve Elliott who is painting his daughter’s pug, Arnie using only the Grunge and Turpentine brushes (both brushes are native to Procreate.). It’s not a step by step tutorial but is a great example of what is possible.