Digital Art

Digital art is a confusing term.  It is used to describe many different forms of art under one all encompassing umbrella including everything from taking a photo on a phone and clicking on a filter, to highly skilled and detailed drawing and painting, to Hockney‘s work, to digital compositing and 3D modelling.  

It’s easy to dismiss digital art as being less than traditional art and reminds me of the argument in the late 90s and early 00s that digital photography was somehow less than film photography.  Difficult to imagine now that debates raged about how ‘real’ digital photography could be.  It was disallowed in many photography competitions and digital photographers were often regarded as cheating charlatans because everything digital was just too ‘easy’. 

This seems to follow a theme with art in general and I’m reminded of a line from the wonderful Amanda Palmer’s song The Ukulele Anthem ‘… and stop pretending art is hard’.  There can  be an elitist attitude that draws a mysterious veil around art and an implication that an artist needs to be either trained or bound by rules that can stifle or prevent people from even beginning to put pencil, brush or stylus to substrate or screen.  I want to pull in resources, experiences and examples that I hope will inspire you to try digital art.

Experimenting with creating catchlights after watching this tutorial.
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I looked into DAZ Studio/Daz3D a few years ago and came back to it time and time again.  If you've
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