On hold

It’s definitely not writer’s block (see previous post) but I’m really not writing at the moment.  I gave NaNoWriMo a miss this year because I can’t cope with ANOTHER 50,000 word half finished novel!  I am  determined to get one of the drafts finished next year – it will be my first full size novel.  Although I love NaNoWriMo and the buzz of finishing 50,000 words in 30 days I’ve discovered that this is not the way that is the most productive, for me.  I’m looking more towards outlining, planning out each scene and chapter before I start to write.  Before I went off on a frolic of digital art I was using the ‘Save the Cat Novel Planning method and this seems to suit my style of writing.  I’m planning on getting back to my novel, (working title The Last Straw) in January 2020.  You can find more information about the Save the Cat method of novel planning at jessicabrody.com


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Writer’s block

Is it even a thing? Neil Gaiman said “As writers we’re lucky if we’re not productive, we can blame it on ‘writer’s block’, an ailment that doesn’t seem to exist for other professions.  For instance, shoe salesmen do not get ‘shoe salesmen block’.  I stopped blaming writer’s block for my lack of productivity a while ago, just like I no longer say I have ‘bathroom cleaning’ block.  I know the reason I’m not doing it is  because I prefer to be doing something else.   If you’re waiting for your muse or some other sort of divine inspiration to force you start writing you’re likely to be disappointed.   Just get your bum in your chair and ‘show up’.  When you’re staring at that empty screen and just start writing, that’s when inspiration appears as if by magic! 



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