Blog templates using Elementor
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Blog templates using Elementor

This is how to make a template for a single blog post using Elementor (Pro).  I’m forever tweaking my sites then I can’t remember what I need to do to replicate the process.  Using a blog template enables me to set up  design that is then allocated to all new blog posts.

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Doing it remotely

It’s been a while since I last blogged seriously and this time round I’m exploring new ways of both setting up WordPress and writing blog posts. For example, can I use an IPad Pro to setup a website and manage the back end of WordPress? (Short answer, not quite) and are there apps available that allow remote blogging? The answer to the second question is maybe. There are several apps that connect to WordPress blogs but more than a few seem to be old and not updated for several years. I tried BlogPad Pro, which looked promising and includes features such as autosave. I wrote several draft entries but they were missing when I returned to my computer. I suspect one of the reasons for poor connection and missing posts is that my web host employs security on my account preventing third party software from writing to the server. Fair enough. There may be a workaround but to be honest I just want something quick and dirty that works. So now I’m trying the official WordPress app, which seems solid but basic. Did it save my post though?  

Edit:  Well yes and no.  The basic blog post was saved but because I’m using Elementor it wasn’t formatted correctly.  More research needed.

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In the last couple of weeks I’ve been setting up several websites and blogs. I’m using WordPress, with the free OceanWP theme and the Elementor page building plugin, also the free version. I’ve previously used Site Origin for page building but Elementor seems to be the favourite at the moment with plenty of support and tutorials so I gave it a spin. I watched a couple of classes on Skillshare and found the best was Elementor using the OceanWP theme by Darrel Wilson: How To Make A WordPress Website 2017 -Elementor Page Builder. If you’re interested in using this system it will give you a great start in the basics. The problem is, with any page building plugin is trying to remember which part of the system has the setting you need to change. Is it in the basic WP settings, the Customise setting of the theme, or the page building software? But apart from that Elementor is excellent with the ability to drag and drop almost everything you want to create a modern, slick website.

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The beginning of blogging

I can’t remember when I started blogging but the earliest of mine that still exists is from 2003. I suspect I’d been going for a couple of years with a Blogger account before that. This was in the days when WordPress was b2 and Moveable Type was a big thing. Blogging was a major step forward in terms of self expression and sharing ideas and experiences with a wider audience.

With the emergence of social media blogging faded into the background, why blog when you could Facebook? No need to promote yourself and hunt for readers, they were there amongst your friends. Cut to today and blogs seem to be on the incline. I enjoy setting up websites and blogs and I have more of them that I could every practically use.

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