I must have written dozens of ‘About Me’s over the years and I’m never sure what to write or indeed if anyone ever bothers to read them.  But wait… yes they do, at least one person, obviously!  Hello!

Would you like to know that I can milk a goat?  That I once signed the Official Secrets Act?  That I have at least five hobbies running concurrently at any given time?  I used to say I was a middle aged woman living in middle England but unless I live to be 120+ that’s no longer the case! I’m knocking on official retirement age but in reality I retired from paid employment in 2017.  I highly recommend it!

I’m an artist living a creative life, enjoying the camaraderie, instruction and inspiration of fellow creatives in several online communities such as Sketchbook Skool and Sebastian Michaels’ Photoshop Artistry courses.  My mind has been officially blown since 2014!