A summer of toys

A summer of toys

There are only about 4 weeks until Christmas 2019.  This time last year I had a stash of knitted toys made all ready for to give out as presents.   I had spent the hot summer of 2018 sitting in front of a large fan, knitting.  This year I haven’t knitted at all but I do love going back to a hobby I haven’t bothered with for several years to see how technology has moved along.  Although knitting itself hasn’t changed much, a couple of needles and yarn are still the tools raw and material, other aspects of the craft have changed.  Etsy for patterns, for example.  I’m in awe of the pattern designers who sell their wares on Etsy.  Clever, innovative and imaginative designs and all instantly downloadable.   Great for the impulsive knitter!  Also enjoyed apps on my phone for row counting, such as K&C Counter.  I’m including links to some of the patterns on Etsy. I’m not an affiliate, just a fan.

Peter Rabbit

Gordon the Guinea Pig

Little Yarn Dolls

Ralph the Dog